Get Your Teeth Whitening Moberly For Free!

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Like this Facebook post and we will choose a winner to receive a free tooth whitening for the holidays. Get a bright new smile with one visit! Tooth whitening helps remove the stains from your teeth that build up over the years. We apply a whitening gels that you cannot get from a store. It takes about an hour and your smile will be bright and clean.

Tooth Whitening Moberly Give-Away

Just go to our Facebook page and like our page and the post about Tooth whitening. We will randomly pick one of the likes, and contact you via Facebook (that is why we need you to like the page so we can message you). We just ask that we can take a before and after photo of your smile that we can post on Facebook to help others see how their smile can brighten. Offer ends 12/28/2015.

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